Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Tool to schedule Accpac Backup

Hello Everybody,
This is my second post to this blog. Today I am posting one small but very useful tool for Sage Accpac ERP. I am getting requests for some clients for scheduling automatic backup in the Accpac Server. Here I developed a tool for all those who are looking for such kind of functionality.

This is simple yet very effective tool for scheduling backups in Accpac ERP. What you need to do is copy this tool to the Macro folder of Sage Accpac Folder on the server. This tool is design only for the server. Also you need to run Accpac before you run this macro. Now create schedule using Window scheduler for the time you want. After this run the macro first time manually to set some parameters. If you don’t run it then it will ask the parameters when it will run from windows scheduler. When you run it you will see the following screen:

Here organization Id is nothing but your Accpac company ex. SAMLTD. System Database id is nothing but system database name like SAMSYS. And directory path is the path where you want to keep the backup ex "C:\Program Files\Sage Software".
Once you finish click “Save Settings” Button. And it will start taking backup of the set company. This tool will automatically run at the set time and create the new folder each time it runs with date and time. It will put dump in newly created folder.
To Download the tool follow the link:
Hope that this tool helps Accpac Users worldwide. If you have any concern, Request or suggestions then please don’t hesitate to comment me.


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  1. Really its a good utility ..........
    This will really help you